Our ventures to West Bay Village in Roatan Honduras

Ironically our first post to this website about Playa del Carmen Mexico is actually about beautiful Roatan Honduras. Fittingly so, as our international travels, adventures and Real Estate and Vacation Rentals all began here in beautiful Roatan, Honduras and the quaint village of West Bay, where along with our partners and life long friends, we purchased a 3 bedroom home just steps away from the beach!  Being here, we miss our friends Tony & Beth and the rest of the Donkey Kong Krew. 15 Years later we still remain as the original owners and use a talented group of Property Managers to look after our Island home. If you want to stay in Honduras, no better group of people than Brad & Ruth at Island House

 Beach in front of West Bay Village

Beach in front of West Bay Village

Our first Family-Only vacation in 8 years! We are here for 12 days to enjoy, relax and rediscover the island that we first fell in love with over 15 years! Must say, the first 3 days were about us uneventful as can be! We spent every day sitting on our beach, overlooking the ocean to the West, chit-chatting with some of our awesome neighbors and drinking one too many Salva Vida beers...but how can you resist.

On day 3, we finally found the energy to venture out and on the request of our 5 year old son, we took one of the local water taxis a couple of miles up the island to "Downtown" West End! $3 USD per person and anyone of the local water taxis sitting in the water will take you to West End. We chose Captain "Martin"; he's been sitting there in the water for days and thought he could use a little business. El Capitan is one of the nicest guys you'll meet and takes it easy across the water. Besides, he is very knowledgable about the area and does not hesitate to explain the local gossip. Moreover, we agreed to a "Day 4" fishing trip in his boat! Up at 6 AM tomorrow to see what we can catch! Here's what we found on our way and in West End....a few beers with the locals and then some.

Like any fishing...they never quite turn out how you expect! The morning came quick and fast and after a quick cup of coffee we went out to meet Captain Martin at the dock. It was an incredibly beautiful morning and water could not have been more still!

 The tip of West End with the sunrise coming over from the East.

The tip of West End with the sunrise coming over from the East.

As it turns out our 2-hour, early morning fishing trip became a fantastic sight seeing trip! No Fish! I think it was so tranquil out this morning, that the fish decided to sleep in as well.

We spent the most of morning cruising around the LightHouse point, which is the Western most part of the Island, just a couple of hundred meter from our home at West Bay Village. I had planned on posting photos of large Grouper and Tuna, but instead, enjoy the photos of the most Western part of Roatan!

Beautiful Saturday...windy and rainy! Love these days, where you don't feel guilty about sleeping in and sitting inside. Attempted a brief walk down the beach today, but the lingering showers and high winds quickly made us turn around. Honestly, nothing better than sitting on the couch watching a movie, discussing the latest Ninja accessories with your son and playing a family round of UNO (with your 5 year old that cheats). This is what a bad day on Roatan looks like:

Sunday's on Roatan are always great and today was no exception! Slept in until 6:30 AM, breakfast at home with the family at 7 AM and then the first Salva Vida of the day, promptly at 8AM!

The lingering storm for the previous couple of days has seemed to finally move out. The ocean is still a bit rougher than we are used to, but makes for a great day of playing in the waves. Sunday's are also known as local day here, as in most Caribbean cities. After the morning church services, locals and their extended families can be seen up and down the beach eating lunch and drinking Coca Cola. Enjoying their own Paradise along with all of us tourist. My son was quick to find a fellow wave jumper, a 7 year old boy from up the road in the main city of Roatan, Coxen Hole! A morning of playing on the beach and then the afternoon snooze on the hammock before the afternoon festivities continue.

After our nap, its more time on the beach and a late afternoon snack at our neighbors property of Infinity Bay. A little Reggae music and of course some more Salva Vida's along with the inevitable Banana Donut. 3 tasty morsels for just $5; how can you resist.   

Another typical day on West End! Lots of sunshine and calm waters. Today is Monday and there are no cruise ships in port, so the beach is tranquil and the waters are absent of tourist with their snorkels and their Budweiser. These are the days we take advantage of the day and really do nothing but play with Mother Nature. We did make an effort and took a later afternoon walk about 100 meters down to the end of the beach, where the everything abruptly ends and a huge coral formation projects out of the water. This is know as the beginning of the Iron Coast and although we did not spot any on this day, the crazy rock formation is usually filled with black Iguana. 

Go Baby Go! That was the theme for the day. But like so many adventures on the island 

things don’t always go as planned!

We planned on a full day trip around the entire Island with several snorkeling stops and final touchdown at Pigeon Cay, which is a small uninhabited island on the South side. There the snorkeling and swimming was promised to be amazing; not to mention lobster lunch and champagne served on tables in the water. We booked our trip with Ray from Bay Island Adventures and although the price was not particularly cheap, he is super nice guy and runs a seamless and professional operation here on the island.

Two big Go-Fast boats, 20 guests, Rum Punch and a cooler full of Salva Vida! Does not get much better than that. Unfortunately our first mishap happened about 90 minutes in our trip with a blown engine that allowed us some extra time at Palmetto Bay; which is where several years ago they filmed the reality TV Show “Temptation Island” Because of the time delay, many guests had to be shuttled home via taxi vans and only a brave few of us continued on in the smaller boat, hoping to make it to Pigeon Cay.

Unfortunately once again, another unforeseen circumstance. After a an hour boat ride we decided to make an unscheduled pit stop for some snorkeling and to refill our rum punch. It was then, that one of our fellow travelers bonked her head on the outside of the boat while snorkeling too close. We all agreed that the nasty cut above her eye would require stitches, so off we went, returning back to make a stop at the closest medical center at Anthony’s Key Resort. 2 hours and 5 stitches later it was already 3 in the afternoon and everyone on board was sunburned, drunk and hungry. And taking into consideration the new facial tattoo of our friend from Calgary, we thought it best to return back home to West Bay.

Ray and his staff were fantastic! They offered us all to repeat the trip again Friday!

So if you are ever interested in visiting this beautiful island, please let us know. We are happy to give you our input on all of the things you can do, including our favorite..."Absolutely Nothing".  Remember you can always stay at our little oasis at Monkey La La or any of the other villas in West Bay Village by contacting us or our  Super Managers, Brad & Ruth at Island House  Roatan