Luxury Vacation Rentals Only Please! The properties we offer and the services we provide.

It seems that anyone with a computer can now deem themselves as Property Managers, Real Estate Agents or overall Vacation Experts. We tend to disagree that any of these services are by any means easy to facilitate and often times, these "business owners" have no understanding of client needs.

Most of these suppliers have never themselves bought or owned Real Estate themselves and unlikely that any of these suppliers have ever had a vacation rental property themselves. And, without understanding the turmoils associated with owning and renting a vacation rental property themselves, it is unlikely that these companies and their owners can associate with the needs of Luxury travelers and their vacation rental needs.

Luxury Defined - lux·u·ry ˈləkSH(ə)rē,ˈləgZH(ə)-/ noun

the state of great comfort and extravagant living. "he lived a life of luxury" synonyms:opulence, luxuriousness, sumptuousness, grandeurmagnificence,splendor, lavishness, the lap of luxury, a bed of roses, (the land of) milk and honey; 

Our selected Vacation Rental properties all have something in common - they have passed the Bourland Algorithm and achieved a level of LUXURY. Meaning that the overall quality of the home, it's amenities and the services provided are a standard that have surpassed 95% of all properties.

 Pool and Beach View from El Faro - Click here to View details on El Faro Vacation Rentals

Pool and Beach View from El Faro - Click here to View details on El Faro Vacation Rentals

The Properties

Every home is thoroughly inspected and documented; down to the quality of the silverware, linen thread counts and towel quality. These properties offer amenities that no other like properties will offer, such as:

  • Quality Espresso / Coffee Machine with assortment of local and imported coffees
  • Plasma Screen televisions throughout the home with extensive channel offerings
  • Electronic docking stations for iPad, iPod and the like.
  • Custom towels, slippers and robes for all guests
  • High-End linens and towels

The Staffing

First and foremost we ensure that the caretakers or property managers of the home are on-site and are of legal business standing and have a long history of offering unsurpassed guest services. All of our properties must be managed by a professional and competent staff, with experience in hotel quality service, linguistics, and overall customer service. The Staff will provide to the guests:

  • Direct phone and email access 24 hours per day
  • Staff must be of Professional standard, courteous, forthright, and offer assistance of any kind to guests
  • Must have on site offices to manage any guests issues or requests.

The Services

Services included with all rentals include:

  • Full ground transportation to and from the Cancun Airport
  • Dedicated personal concierge for any assistance (The Staffing)
  • Morning Newspaper delivery
  • Daily Grocery shopping
  • On Call chauffeur services
  • Chef Services as requested